Training Staff

Sandra Wall

My name is Sandra Wall and I am the owner of 4ever24fit! 

I am originally from Wilson, NC and moved to Wilmington in 1998 after attending East Carolina University! I graduated from UNCW with a B.S. in Exercise Science and have been personal training since 2006.

My passion has been to teach individuals how important it is staying active in their daily lifestyles. I have dreamed about owning my own gym for years and that dream came true in November 2011. 

I enjoy running, skydiving, lifting weights, spending time with friends and summers on the beach! 

Go Carolina Tarheels!!





Personal Trainers

Walt Northcutt

Hey everyone, my name's Walt.

Originally born in Florida, our family moved to Jacksonville, North Carolina when I was five. Jacksonville is where I spent the rest of my adolescence. FSU fan for life and will always do the war chant come game time.

I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a B.S. in Exercise Science and a Minor in Community Health.

I’ve always kept myself pretty active with golfing, surfing, running, biking, hiking, exercise, and traveling. I have a passion for improving the quality of life for individuals and my outlet is exercise!



Class Instructors

E. L. Morea

I'm E.L. Morea.

I am the full time Zumba® Instructor at 4ever24fit Gym! 

I Love Zumba®, I've been teaching it for three years.

Zumba® gives me confidence to achieve my fitness goals and just makes me feel happy!  

My students in my class are the real reason I love my job so much! We all motivate each other! Not only do we shake the pounds away, but we shake the stress away!

Exercise might as well be fun, so come join my Zumba® class at the 4ever24fit Gym Studio!








Sherri Placco

Hello, I'm Sherri Placco (Fitness/Wellness Coach).

I am currently IFA certified for aerobics, step, kickboxing, group exercises as well as personal training.

I formally taught/coached physical education, cheerleading and wellness. Although my love for exercising is a big part of who I am, I'm just as passionate about enhancing the quality of lives for others through fitness and health.

I am known for my energetic style of teaching and fun personality.

I love being a group fitness instructor and have taught everything from kickboxing to boot camp strength conditioning classes to my newest class “MOVE and TONE“.

My goal as an instructor is to make each class new, exciting, motivating, fun, safe and most of all effective for participants in achieving their personal fitness goal!






Tina Rhodes

Hello, I'm Tina.

I have over 20 years experience in teaching Aerobics and Training.

Some of my past expericence includes owning Dance Studio Shelby and teaching Hip/Hop step Mat Flex. I am currently a Certified Personal Trainer and have been Certified ISSA, NETA, AFAA, IFTA. I also work on the American Council of Exercise.

I have previously worked for the YMCA, GOLDS (Gastonia), Worlds Gym, Family Fitness, and 24 Hour Fitness California. I have taught Yoga at PPD.

Now I teach for the church and love working with seniors and kids.







Deanie Srakovcic

Hi! I’m Deanie Srakovcic.

I was introduced to Zumba® two years ago and fell in love with it. I enjoyed it so much, I figured “why not get my license and become an instructor?"  

I am currently a substitute Zumba® Instructorat at 4ever24fit. 

Zumba® is a great way to work out and reach your fitness goals while having fun listening to music from all over the world.   It is an energetic way to let go of the day's troubles and clear your mind, which being a 1st grade teacher I understand how important it can be to clear your mind.

I love the feeling I get after a class and knowing I have helped someone be a step closer to their goal.

In my free time I enjoy reading, running, shopping and being at the beach.

Looking forward to seeing you in class!






Jennifer Taginski

HI I’m Jennifer, yoga instructor and athletic trainer. 

I love outdoor activities, especially on the water, including paddle boarding, sailing and tennis.  The fresh salt air energizes me.

In college, I studied sports medicine and became an athletic trainer, working with all types of athletes from high school kids to international rugby teams. 

Safety and function are my main focus. 

I began practicing yoga and love the strength and balance it brings to my life.  There is always a new pose to challenge me.  

I am excited to be teaching here at 4ever24fit and bringing fun and wellness to the community. 






Maddy Egly

I've been practicing yoga since 2008. I received my 200 hr certification from Wilmington Yoga Center in 2016 upon relocating to Wilmington.

I am from Colorado and grew up skiing and participating in other outdoor extreme sports; I found yoga to be a way to connect deeper to nature and a great way to compliment my active outdoor lifestyle.

I love to incorporate all aspects of yoga and will always look to advance my teachings and styles to constantly create original and challenging classes.


Karlin West

I have has been practicing yoga since 2004 and teaching since 2014.

I see my yoga practice as sunshine in the rain! I would like tto guide and encourage everyone to have a practice and to open themselves to the opportunity to change themselves in whatever way.

I bring smiles, support, guidance and a non-judgmental environment to my class to illustrate to my students how enjoyable and valuable yoga can be on and off the mat.

I have a Bachelor's in Recreation, Sport Leadership and Tourism Management from UNCW.







Courtney Bledsoe

Hello everyone!

My name is Courtney Bledsoe (friends call me Keebs), and I am a Yoga Teacher here at 4Ever24Fit Studio!

I began practicing Yoga in 2009 as a way to gain flexibility and strength and ultimately excel in other fitness routines. Since then I have found so much more through my PRACTICE. I love Yoga because it is a way for me to center my mind, connect with myself, and physically challenge my body.

I am very passionate about both people and wellness, so teaching Yoga proved to be the perfect vehicle to serve and connect with others, while sharing my passion. When you attend my class, I strive to offer a safe environment to “Let Go” and enjoy your journey on the mat. I promise to offer guidance and understanding, always encouraging students to acknowledge their intuition and innate knowledge of their body.

When I’m not practicing or teaching Yoga, you will find me spending time with family, friends, my dogs, enjoying nature, running, and cooking!

Hope to see you on the mat!